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The Feng Shui Practitioner offers an unique experience by helping you to bring harmony to your life,  focus your intention and realize your goals. With over 10 years of experience Gio Lora (TFSP) , will give you the tools to take charge of your wealth, health, career and relationships. She is a certified expert in the field of  BTB Feng Shui and has attended to a variety of workshops to enhance her knowledge on this practice. After years of intense research and practical experience, Gio has developed a combination of BTB Feng Shui, Compass School Feng Shui, Space and Clutter Clearing, Interior Design,  Life Coaching, psychology, medicine, yoga and meditation.   Her practice   addresses the whole person: body, mind, spirit and physical surroundings.

A background in Medicine allows Gio to bring together the "Psychology of Person", the “Spirit- Body-Mind-Health Equilibrium” and the "Relationship with Place", creating harmony and balance in the lives of her clients.  This Person-Place connection is the foundation of the ancient "Art of Placement” known as Feng Shui.

“My intention is to enhance your life by guiding you to experience greater happiness, health and prosperity. Feng Shui will balance your inner and outer energy improving the flow of positive energy and reducing blockages in your space, in your life and in your business.”   Gio Lora

Gio is the owner of The Feng Shui Practitioner, a very successful Texas based Feng Shui consulting firm. TFSP services include consultations for new and existing homes, large corporations, small businesses, restaurants, retail stores, medical facilities, law offices, entertainment facilities, theme parks, Realtors, builders, architects, and interior designers. Services include residential and business on-site and off-site consultations for all life and business situations.



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